Water Pump Housings

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Parts listed below are for informational purposes. We may or may not have them in stock for sale at any given time. Give us a call for details if you are interested.

Shown above is the most widely used housing, casting #2780987. This housing was used on almost all cars and light trucks from 1967-71, making it the desired housing for nearly all muscle car applications, including 426 Hemis..  Chrysler part #'s are 2780988,2780989 and 2951806.

Part No: 100-1073 - Water pump housing 2780987 - USED.

Shown above is a 3698468 housing, Chrysler # 3698469 and 3769192. . Used starting in 73, these are ideal for car applications using a right hand lower radiator hose.

Part No: 100-1074 - Water pump housing 3698468 - USED.

Shown above is a 3751216 housing, Chrysler # 3751217. Originally used on motorhome 440's from 73-79. Nearly identical to the above car housing, as you can see by comparing the pictures, however the opening under the thermostat area is slightly different and much larger for increased water flow.  

Part No: 100-1075 - Water pump housing 3751216 - USED.

Shown above is a 2468007 housing, Chrysler # 3751217. Used from 1965-66, this is the last housing to use the early style alternator bracket mounting boss.

Part No: 100-1072 - Water pump housing 2468007 - USED.

Shown above is a 2205862 housing, Chrysler part #'s 2240318 and 2448758. These housings are CAST IRON, be careful not to confuse this with the identical part listed below with the same casting number made of ALUMINUM. These were used from 62-64.

Part No: 100-1070 - Water pump housing IRON 2205862 - USED.

Shown above is a 2536767 ALUMINUM housing, Chrysler part # 2536725. This was used on 1965 S/S Race Hemis. Chrysler used the same basic tooling for these as they did for the iron 2205862 housing listed above, so on the upper part of the housing you will find that casting number. However, notice the additional tag added on the lower radiator hose outlet, listing the true casting number. Notice the absence of this tag on the above iron housing. Be careful not to confuse the two.

Part No: 100-1071 - Water pump housing ALUMINUM 2536767 - USED.

Shown above is the earliest housing we offer, with 1944916 as both the part and casting number. These were used from 59-63 on non-AC vehicles. Availability on these is very limited. Please call for details.

Part No: 100-1069 - Water pump housing 1944916 - USED.


This behemoth shown above is a heavy duty 413 truck housing, casting #2863047, using Chrysler part #2863046. Notice on the rear of this housing how it bolts to the block like a standard car type housing, but has additional huge ports above that bolt directly to the special heads these engines use.

Part No: 100-1076 - Water pump housing HD Truck 2843047 - USED.



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